Magnetic Proximity Switches

Magnetic Proximity Switches

Product Features

  • Alternative to magnetic reed switches
  • Solid state technology
  • Small enclosure protected to IP65
  • NPN sink and PNP source outputs
  • 250mA rated outputs
  • 7.5 to 24Vdc powered

The Tempatron Solid State Magnetic Proximity Switches and Actuator Magnets are designed to be an ideal replacement for magnetic reed switches. The switches use the latest fully encapsulated surface mount technology to provide stable 'bounce free' direct switching. The NPN sink and PNP source outputs can switch up to 250mA to relays, programmable logic controllers, TTL, CMOS and microprocessor systems. The magnetic proximity switch and actuator magnet can be mounted up to 15mm apart and both are sealed to IP65, making them ideal for operation in harsh environments. The sensors are powered from 7.5 to 24Vdc and have an LED to indicate output status.

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