MINITHERM6-MCU Quad Range Temperature Controllers

MINITHERM6-MCU Quad Range Temperature Controllers

Product Features

  • Ideal for OEM heating and refrigeration
  • 4 ranges 73 to 99°C, 22 to 54°C, -20 to +6°C and 4 to 34°C
  • For use with 10K NTC thermistor probe
  • 16 Amp changeover relay output
  • 110Vac, 230Vac or 24Vdc powered
  • Energy regulation feature
  • Onboard LED or optional remote LED
  • Other temperature ranges available by request

The Tempatron MINITHERM6-MCU quad range temperature controllers are designed for a wide range of OEM heating and refrigeration applications, and are ideal for replacement of electromechanical controls. Any one of four commonly used temperature ranges can be selected by cutting just two wire links. They are available in 110Vac and 230Vac versions (or 24Vdc to special order) with a 16 Amp changeover relay output and are compatible with industry standard 10K (@25°C) NTC thermistors. These chassis mounting modules measure only 70mm x 45mm and have an integral energy regulation feature (link selectable) which reduces the connected heating/cooling power to 33% duty cycle as the temperature approaches the setpoint. An onboard (or optional remote) LED indicates current temperature status and diagnostic conditions.

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