Programmable Count Controllers

Programmable Count Controllers

Product Features

  • Scales pulses from various input sensors
  • Accepts NPN or PNP inputs
  • Divide ratios from 1 to 4095
  • Relay and NPN outputs
  • DIN Rail mounting
  • 24Vac or 110V/230Vac powered

The Tempatron programmable count controllers accept a train of pulses from a wide variety of electronic sensors such as flow meters, rotary encoders, optical sensors or limit switches, and provide a proportional reduced frequency pulsed output. The division ratio can be set up to 4095 and the two outputs that are provided are a changeover relay contact for general switching and a solid state output for connection to a PLC or computer control system. These pulse frequency dividers are housed in a compact DIN rail mounting enclosure, are available powered from 24Vac or 110/230Vac and have three LEDs to indicate power, input and output status.

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