Mastercella Cold Room Controller

Mastercella Cold Room Controller

Product Features

  • Purpose designed cold room controller
  • 2 NTC thermistor inputs and 3 digital inputs
  • 230Vac powered
  • Up to 5 relay outputs
  • Infrared receiver and buzzer
  • Real time clock and HACCP function
  • RS-485 serial connection
  • IP65 enclosure

MasterCella is one of the leading products in the Carel refrigeration range. This new model is the response to the need for an integrated and complete solution for single phase, static or ventilated cold rooms. The device directly manages single-phase units with up to 2 HP compressors; the powerful relays fitted also control all the other actuators: evaporator fans, defrost, lights and alarm relay. The high IP65 index of protection means that MasterCella can also be installed in humid environments. The case can be installed directly on the wall at the front of the cold room, while wiring is made simple by the significant space available inside, giving the option of inserting the wires either from below or above. MasterCella manages smart defrosts, consequently ensuring energy savings in the system as a whole, and can be fitted with a clock for real time defrosts (rather than at set intervals, as is usually the case). In the models fitted with a clock, HACCP management is standard: this guarantees control of the temperature of stored foodstuffs, in compliance with the requirements of the HACCP system.

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