IR33 Smart Refrigeration Controllers

IR33 Smart Refrigeration Controllers

Product Features

  • No programming required
  • 4 pre-loaded configurations
  • NTC or PTC thermistor probe inputs
  • Up to 4 relay outputs
  • 16A compressor output
  • Real time clock and HACCP function
  • Infrared receiver and buzzer
  • 115 to 230Vac powered
  • RS-485 serial connection
  • IP65 enclosure

The IR33 smart refrigeration controllers are designed specifically for the refrigeration installer as they enable seelction from a range of pre-loaded applications, eliminating the need to program the controller parameters. The controller then just needs to be wired up and installed in the panel. The controllers have up to 3 NTC or PTC inputs and versions are available which have 1, 2, 3 or 4 relay outputs for control of the compressor, active defrost, evaporator ventilation fan and auxiliary output. The 4 relay version also incorporates a real time clock and HACCP function. The controllers are housed in a compact panel mounting enclosure and are powered from 115 to 230Vac. All versions can be connected to a network for monitoring and programming using the optional RS-485 serial interface.

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