UMT500 Multiple Digital Timers

UMT500 Multiple Digital Timers

Product Features

  • 4 digit green LED display multiple timer
  • 5 independent timers/relays in one timer
  • 5 programmable timing modes
  • 3 time ranges from 0.1 sec to 99:59 hrs
  • 12 to 24Vac/dc or 110/230Vac
  • 2 changeover and 3 N/O relay outputs
  • External start or reset
  • Security passcode
  • IP40 enclosure code
  • DIN rail mounting

The Tempatron UMT500 multiple digital timer is a 4 digit programmable digital timer with 5 independent relay outputs, each of which has 5 selectable operating modes and an external start/reset function. The UMT500 offers a flexible, economic alternative to individual timers or complex PLCs and is suitable for controlling processes in a wide range of industrial applications, particularly where space is at a premium. The isolated output contacts can be configured as timed or instantaneous, with time ranges selectable from 0.1 second to 99:59 hours. These timers are housed in a compact DIN rail mounting enclosure and are powered from 12 to 24Vac/dc or 110/230Vac.

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