Proxwitch Capacitive Sensors

Proxwitch Capacitive Sensors

Product Features

  • Senses a wide range of materials
  • Suitable for dusty/dirty environments
  • Rugged enclosure protected to IP67
  • Mounts with a standard PG36 gland
  • Isolated changeover relay contacts
  • 5 Amp rated relay contacts
  • 24Vac/dc, 110Vac or 230Vac powered
  • Available with or without time delay

The Tempatron Proxwitch capacitive sensors are designed to detect the presence of a very wide range of materials such as grain, feedstuff, plastic pellets and liquids. They will sense metallic and non-metallic objects at a distance of up to 25mm depending on material being sensed, with the output relay energising upon detection. They have a high hysteresis, adjustable low sensitivity and are sealed to IP67, making them ideal for operation in dusty or dirty environments. The PXW-3 has a built in time delay, adjustable from 4 seconds to 10 minutes, which is useful in tank filling applications to avoid frequent pump motor restarts. They are available in 24Vac/dc, 110Vac and 230Vac versions and have a fully isolated 5 Amp rated single pole changeover relay output contact and an LED to indicate relay status.

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