PID500 PID Temperature Controllers

PID500 PID Temperature Controllers

Product Features

  • Dual display of set point & process value
  • 1 or 2, On/Off or PID control outputs
  • Auto-tuning of PID parameters
  • Reverse or direct action
  • Up to 3 relay or SSR outputs
  • Alarm output
  • Thermocouple, RTD and analogue inputs
  • Single point ramp and soak facility
  • 24Vac/dc or 85 to 270Vac powered
  • Standard DIN48 square size

The Tempatron PID500 temperature controllers are advanced, 4 digit auto-tuning controllers with up to 3 outputs which are designed for control of temperature or processes in a wide range of industrial applications. The controllers operate from a range of thermocouple or 2/3 wire PT100 (RTD) input sensors, or from a millivolt, 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc or 0/4-20mA process signal. Versions are available with relay, SSR or analogue outputs which can be configured as 1 on/off or PID control and up to 2 alarm outputs, or as 2 on/off or PID controls (heat/cool) and 1 alarm output. The temperature controllers are housed in a compact DIN48 square enclosure which panel mounts, and are auxiliary powered from either 24Vac/dc or 85 to 270Vac.

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