TR4800 Tachometer Relays

TR4800 Tachometer Relays

Product Features

  • 3 models for 5rpm to 10,000rpm
  • NPN sensor or voltage free input
  • 24Vac/dc or 110/230Vac
  • 0-1mA output for rpm meter
  • Internal 15Vdc supply for sensor
  • Standard DIN48 square size
  • Plug-in socket or panel mounting
  • Lockable dial to prevent tampering
  • Matching timers available
  • Matching temperature controllers available

The Tempatron TR4800 tachometer relays are designed to monitor and control speed by energising the relay output when the monitored speed exceeds the setting on the user adjustable front dial. Three models are available to cover speeds from 5rpm to 10,000rpm. All models have an internal 15Vdc power supply for powering active sensors and a 0-1mA meter output for displaying the speed. The tachometer relays are housed in a compact DIN48 square enclosure which can either panel mount or surface/DIN rail mount to a socket and they are auxiliary powered from either 24Vac/dc or 110/230Vac. The 5 Amp rated single pole changeover relay output contact is isolated from the supply voltage and the relays have two LEDs to indicate both power and relay status.

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